Mushroom And Goat Cheese Veggie Panini

Flavor packed

Flavor packed and texture rich, enjoy this veggie panini recipe toasty warm or chilled. This mushroom sandwich is easy to make and fabulous for sharing.

Recipe Snapshot

Total Time

30 min






– Saute the onions, cooking them downs. Transfer to a mixing bowl.


– Sear the mushrooms in a bit of olive oil, until golden. Add the garlic and thyme, then transfer to the bowl with the onions.


– To the mushroom mixture, crumble in the goat cheese. Stir. Season with salt and balsamic vinegar.


– Slice the roasted red bell peppers and chop the spinach.


– Slice the bread horizontally. Brush each side with olive oil. Layer on the mushroom mixture, bell peppers and spinach.


– Grill and press the paninis on medium heat, until golden brown and the goat cheese melts.

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